Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter '10

Mom isn't as exciting to get a picture with.

Lots of sweets for mom and dad, er, for Søren to eat.

He didn't keep the "monkey suit" on too long.

Lots of goodies in the Easter Baskets.

We had a fairly laid back attitude towards Easter this year. No rush to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny and no stressing over what would go in the Easter baskets. We did attempt to participate in our city's Easter festivities for the kids on Saturday, but our easy going spirit got us there when things seemed to be wrapping up. We were told the Easter Bunny was in the tent on the field. What we found was a tent filled with plastic bins and the Bunny's head on a chair. Maybe it was better Søren didn't see the Easter Bunny, especially after last year. The Easter Egg hunt consisted of an 8ft x 8ft space of eggs where Søren could only pick six. The eggs at least contained Søren's favorite candy, Smarties, or "farties" as he calls them.
Sam played in all three church services on Sunday morning and we had lunch at his parents with a handful of extended relatives. We sent Tyler and Jen out to hide some Easter Eggs, only to have it rain. We waited for a break in the weather and made a go of it. I think this will have been the easiest hunt for Søren ever. He had 6+ adults helping him.
As laid back as it was we had a great holiday. I find myself each year being more thankful for the people I spend the holiday's with than what we actually do.

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