Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Boy Room

A Transportation Room for a boy whose favorite jammies are the "Car Jammies."


I love the wall stickers

night light and bean bag

Not the greatest picture of the pictures Søren painted

We have successfully transferred Søren to his new room. We thought we had accomplished this the end of February, but we had a bit of a set-back. Søren fell out of his bed twice and he decided he was going back to the crib. I couldn't find rails for the type of bed he had, so we gave him some more time in his crib while we prepped his new room a bit more. The mattress is now on the floor and he is loving his new found freedom. With this transition came a fear of going to sleep in the dark. We leave a light on for him and allow him to read books until he falls asleep. He has done a great job staying in bed. I have always appreciated that Søren has never been the type of kid to really get into things. Some have asked for pics of his new room, so here are some. Thank you to Target for making it easy and cheap to decorate. :)

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Sarah said...

Love those paintings! Thanks for sharing the pictures of his new room!