Sunday, September 26, 2010

2 months

Eva turned 2 months old this last week. I love this girl so much. I hope this doesn't sound wrong, but I don't remember having this much of a connection with Soren at this point. Maybe it's because she's a girl. Maybe it's because I am appreciating these days and not wishing them away (i.e. I can't wait for her to crawl, I can't wait for her to talk, etc..) Or maybe it's because she's given us a couple of scares with her health. (more on that in a bit). I'm sure it's a combination of all those things.
There isn't a whole lot to report on that she does during the day. She pretty much still eats, sleeps and poops. She is really smily and when she is awake she is starting to really babble and coo. She loves to talk back and forth and it's cute to watch her and Søren have "conversations."
She continues to keep us on our toes. Will she do this till she's 18?! I told my mom the other day that I feel like we are two puzzle pieces that go together. I just know her favorite position to be held and can get her to sleep in a heartbeat. Not anymore. She decided to change things up and wants to be held in other ways. Not only that, she has gone on a nursing strike. I hope this doesn't last long. Pumping and washing bottles is getting old.
More on her health...First there was the trip to the ER when she was 4 days old. And now, we had a couple of times that we found her gasping for air and turning purple. Thankfully we were around her all of these times, Thank you Lord for that! (I really don't know what would have happened if she would have been in another room by herself). After an extensive doctors visit we came to the conclusion that it was probably acid reflux. She was promptly put on medication. Let me tell you, Eva is a different girl on this medicine. She is not as fussy, spits up way less, doesn't sound like an old sick man snoring when she is laying down and she has not had any more episodes of choking or stopping breathing. I'm trying to not live in fear (running to check on her every 3 minutes), but rather trust the Lord's protection over her like I do for the rest of my family.

Here are her stats for those interested...grandma! ;)

Head: 40cm (75-85%)

Height: 22 3/4 in (75%)

Weight: 10lbs 15oz (50%)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One of those days

Today is just one of those days.

*Soren woke up as soon as I sat down to eat my breakfast

*Eva decided to go on a nursing strike

*Soren watched TV for about 2 hours while I figured a way to get Eva to sleep, only to have her soon wake up and cry for 45 minutes straight.

*My 1 hour Costco order that I so perfectly timed to pick up in sync with my Target run, was really going to take 2 hours, so now I have to make another trip out that way.

*Soren ran off with the cart with Eva in it at Target.

*Soren must find joy in repetition.
-I can recite for you the starting conversation to song #3 on Psalty.
-I heard the question "go see toys please?" about 30 times and once my patience wore thin and told him to stop saying that, it became "i want to say that" over and over again.

*My left-over chili wouldn't seem to heat up and I don't dare try a third time with the risk of waking Eva who is finally asleep in the carseat.

*Soren is currently supposed to be napping..yeah, that's not happening, he's melting down over a dirt bike.

*After buying shinguards (nice job Sam on finding some at Goodwill for $2!) and soccer socks and getting Soren all excited for his first big soccer practice, it will most likely be cancelled and I will have to deal with that meltdown.'s only 1:20pm

Monday, September 13, 2010

School Days

Trying to get a picture, he was so excited, he wouldn't stand still.

Finally, a picture at school. He's saying "cheeeeze."

Soren started his first day of school this week. It's not much, but it's about all my heart can handle. He goes for 3 hours one day a week. I didn't think it would be difficult to drop him off this morning. He, on the other hand, had no problem with me dropping him off. I am proud of him for being so confident to enter a new environment, yet a little sad that he was okay being without me. On the way home from picking him up, I could have sworn he grew up just a little bit in the 3 hours he was at school. He talked more clearly, stuttered less (yes, he stutters, it's a sign of a genius people. :) ) and had more phrases in his vocabulary. This time will be so good for him. He saw a school on TV and said "school! I love school." The time will also be good for me. Oh the possibilities of having 3 hours with just Eva. I'm thinking I could go to a coffee shop again and actually sit down.

Since I haven't posted much about Soren lately, I thought I'd share some of what he's up to.

*Has an imaginary friend, Joe.
*Loves giving Eva hugs and kisses.
*Is into bikes...everything is a dirt bike.
*We got him signed up for soccer. Now we just need to find him a golf coach.

He has been cracking us up lately. I've said since he was little that he'll be a comedian. Here are some of his funny (to us anyway) phrases.

In reference to me singing in a silly way "Mamma, you crack me up."

Soren: Where's Finn?
Me: Finn's at his house.
Soren: I want to play with Finn in two days.
Me: Ok, we'll call his mom and ask.
Soren: We can play in the mud with trucks and get our shoes dirty. That would be fun.

Walks in the room with a balloon and says "Let's party! It's your birthday!"

In reference to me hitting the gas a bit too hard when the light turned green. "Whoa! Don't go too fast."

After walking into Eva's room while I was changing her diaper. "It stinks in here."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

pumpkin spice & everything nice

Eva loves hoodies too. :)

I hate to say it and I love to say it... I think fall has arrived. I love the beginning of fall, but I have a really hard time letting go of summer. Summers out in the NW (especially this last one) will never compare to a great midwest summer. Call me crazy, but I love the heat and humidity Cincinnati has to offer. It's in my bones. The fireflies at dusk, being in shorts and a tank at night, cold drinks that actually refresh..I could go on and on. Just when the heat becomes too much to bear you notice a chill in the air and the leaves start to change. Oh the trees! I miss the beautiful mix of greens, yellows, reds, oranges and browns all along the rolling hills of Ohio.
So the fact that we had a horrible summer, think high 50's and cloudy with scattered days of 90's and sunny, makes it even harder to accept that fall is here, which means another gray winter is right around the corner. But I don't want to end on a sour note. There are things I love about fall no matter where you live. Hooded sweatshirts, pumpkin spice lattes, spiced breads, crock pot meals, warm soups, candles, taking off your jeans that are soaked around the ankles and slipping into your favorite sweats, UGGs, fires in the fireplace..again, I could go on and on.
So I reluctantly and joyfully accept the transition of seasons. And I will hope and try to find my joy, not in what color the sky is for the day, but in the silly stories my 2 1/2 year old will tell, the smiles and coo's my 7 week old will give, the love, encouragement and support my husband will be and the laughter and tears I will share with my friends.