Thursday, September 23, 2010

One of those days

Today is just one of those days.

*Soren woke up as soon as I sat down to eat my breakfast

*Eva decided to go on a nursing strike

*Soren watched TV for about 2 hours while I figured a way to get Eva to sleep, only to have her soon wake up and cry for 45 minutes straight.

*My 1 hour Costco order that I so perfectly timed to pick up in sync with my Target run, was really going to take 2 hours, so now I have to make another trip out that way.

*Soren ran off with the cart with Eva in it at Target.

*Soren must find joy in repetition.
-I can recite for you the starting conversation to song #3 on Psalty.
-I heard the question "go see toys please?" about 30 times and once my patience wore thin and told him to stop saying that, it became "i want to say that" over and over again.

*My left-over chili wouldn't seem to heat up and I don't dare try a third time with the risk of waking Eva who is finally asleep in the carseat.

*Soren is currently supposed to be napping..yeah, that's not happening, he's melting down over a dirt bike.

*After buying shinguards (nice job Sam on finding some at Goodwill for $2!) and soccer socks and getting Soren all excited for his first big soccer practice, it will most likely be cancelled and I will have to deal with that meltdown.'s only 1:20pm


Aunt Susan said...

oh, sorry about your rough day. but i love soren's jacket.

Martha said...

Thanks for bringing back memories of years ago! I can only tell you that Matt and Jenny don't give me a day like that now!! You post such interesting stories!
Aunt Martha

Mrs. A said...

my goodness, you have your hands full! I love catching up on your life and seeing pictures of your beautiful family! Hope you are well. This is Laura Jordan by the way, Agaba is the new last name. I just got it!