Thursday, January 13, 2011

new site

Sorry Blogger! It's time I move on. Time for a new set up. I've moved on to Please follow me there.


Monday, January 10, 2011

brotherly love

One of my prayers for my kids is that they will have big hearts. That they will be kind, encouraging, loving people. I want my kids to befriend the new student, sit with the kid who is all alone at the lunch table, ask the homeless person what their name is. I know I have to lead by example, but I want it to come easier for them than it ever did/does for me. I see glimpses of this in Soren and I love being able to capture it with my camera.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

roll over, roll over

Eva rolled over for the first time this week. I know, I know, what's the big deal, right? For me this is a big deal. I know I've written time and time again about Eva and her minor health issues. Well, these issues haven't allowed for her to have much time on the ground. Tummy time isn't a phrase that is said around here very much. I would hear of other babies younger than Eva already reaching this milestone and it made me wonder if Eva should be as well. I learned quickly when Soren was younger to not compare my children with other people's children. How can a parent not compare though? It's inevitable. I think it's what we do with that comparisons that is important. With her never being on the ground, I knew she would be a bit behind. So, when she rolled over this week I was so excited. She's not as behind as I had expected. Now the worrying sets in. She now sleeps on her stomach and every parent knows how unsettling this can be. If that's not unsettling enough when I told someone she had rolled over her response was, "She'll be a teenager before you know it!"

5 months

A little late on this post, but Eva turned 5 months in December. She took her second trip to Cincinnati for Christmas and her first trip to the mountains for New Years. She started eating solids and is so far liking everything we have given her. She was healthy for a few weeks until she caught her cousins cold and now we are trying to get her back on the Pacific Time Zone sleep schedule. We are learning she loves to be involved in everything. She gets upset if she can't see what's going on or if she is left alone. I think she'll be an extrovert like her daddy!