Monday, September 13, 2010

School Days

Trying to get a picture, he was so excited, he wouldn't stand still.

Finally, a picture at school. He's saying "cheeeeze."

Soren started his first day of school this week. It's not much, but it's about all my heart can handle. He goes for 3 hours one day a week. I didn't think it would be difficult to drop him off this morning. He, on the other hand, had no problem with me dropping him off. I am proud of him for being so confident to enter a new environment, yet a little sad that he was okay being without me. On the way home from picking him up, I could have sworn he grew up just a little bit in the 3 hours he was at school. He talked more clearly, stuttered less (yes, he stutters, it's a sign of a genius people. :) ) and had more phrases in his vocabulary. This time will be so good for him. He saw a school on TV and said "school! I love school." The time will also be good for me. Oh the possibilities of having 3 hours with just Eva. I'm thinking I could go to a coffee shop again and actually sit down.

Since I haven't posted much about Soren lately, I thought I'd share some of what he's up to.

*Has an imaginary friend, Joe.
*Loves giving Eva hugs and kisses.
*Is into bikes...everything is a dirt bike.
*We got him signed up for soccer. Now we just need to find him a golf coach.

He has been cracking us up lately. I've said since he was little that he'll be a comedian. Here are some of his funny (to us anyway) phrases.

In reference to me singing in a silly way "Mamma, you crack me up."

Soren: Where's Finn?
Me: Finn's at his house.
Soren: I want to play with Finn in two days.
Me: Ok, we'll call his mom and ask.
Soren: We can play in the mud with trucks and get our shoes dirty. That would be fun.

Walks in the room with a balloon and says "Let's party! It's your birthday!"

In reference to me hitting the gas a bit too hard when the light turned green. "Whoa! Don't go too fast."

After walking into Eva's room while I was changing her diaper. "It stinks in here."

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heidikempston said...

I love his conversation about Finn! Same is true over here. Everything we talk about doing, Soren has to do too. Love that our boys love each other so much!