Thursday, April 29, 2010

Funny talk

Søren has been saying some funny/cute things lately. Here are a few examples.

Mom: Søren do you want to pray for dinner
Søren: Dear God, thank you food, Amen.

Søren riding his bike in the house says: Bye Bye Momma
Mom: Where are you going?
Søren: Finn's house!

Dad was putting Søren's PJ's on him. The PJ's are a silly camping theme with pictures of animals camping and hunting.
Dad: Look Søren a moose is hunting with a bow. Do you like to hunt too?
Søren: YEAH!
Dad: What do you like to hunt?

Søren was singing "Jesus Loves Me." I joined in with him. When we got to the line "We are weak, but He is strong," I left out the word strong so Søren could fill in the blank. He instead said "hungry!"

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