Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scary Bunny

Thankfully the Bunny is NOT the reason for Easter!

Gig Harbor held an easter egg hunt at the new shopping center yesterday. I found out at 7am that morning and let my friends know. It was great that so last minute Søren’s buddies, Finn and Ryan were able to join us. Needless to say, Finn and Ryan had the same reaction towards the bunny.
Søren is still too young to understand the idea of “hunting” for eggs. However, he did enjoy carrying around a basket and shaking the eggs. I, of course, enjoyed eating the candy that Søren isn’t allowed to have. :)
It was interesting to me to watch some of the parents with their children. They were so serious about getting eggs for their kids. One parent even cut off Søren to get her kid an egg. Seriously!
As much fun as it is to hunt for eggs and be scared by the easter bunny, I am very thankful these are not the reasons for Easter. I am thankful for the forgiveness Christ has given to us and I am thankful for this time of hope and new life.

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