Monday, April 13, 2009

14 months

14 months! Really?
My baby is 14 months old.

This last month continues to be filled with firsts for Søren.

He had his first extended stay at Grandma and Grandpa Bergstrom's while Sam and I spent a week in San Diego.

He has added new signs to his repertoire: He can sign please, thank you, excuse me, more, and milk.
All of these need promting, except for milk. Thankfully he can do that on his own. That has helped big time!

We are working on the sign for help. The grunting and whining is getting a bit old.

He can FINALLY say momma! This melts me every time. He sees me and says it. Sam said he heard Søren saying it in his crib this morning.

He knows now that when we put his shoes, socks and sweatshirt on it means we are going outside. So, he will patiently wait by the door until we leave.

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Susan said...

He is too cute and melts my heart too. You have one happy kid.