Monday, July 6, 2009

6 years

I was reminded today that it was 6 years ago that I packed up my car and drove out west with my dad to move to Gig Harbor, WA. It's amazing that everything I owned fit in my car and now I dying to have a garage sale to get rid of stuff. 
It was really hard leaving my family and friends. I only knew 2 people in Gig Harbor. It has been fun to look back and see all that has happened in these last 6 years; meeting my husband, buying our first home, having a baby, building incredible relationships and so much more. It is a great reminder that the Lord really does know what is best for me. Why don't I put my life in his hands more often? 
This is my favorite picture of Gig Harbor that I took from a friends deck about 4 years ago. This captures all that I have come to love about the great northwest; it's peaceful, beautiful and majestic. 

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heidikempston said...

I, personally, am SO glad you came out here. ;)