Thursday, July 16, 2009

17 months

Turning 17 months seems to have made a 
big difference in two areas for Søren. 

1. He talks all of the time. I really think he is 
    speaking a foreign language. 
2. ENERGY! He has transitioned from two naps a day to one nap a day, yet he seems to have much more energy. He literally runs around the house, for no reason other than to run. 

Other things he's been up to this past month

new words:
wah-da (water)
eee-see (Reese's)

He has picked up on the game of baseball. Whether it be his bat, golf club or broom, he'll swing it around, drop whatever he was holding and run. He'll pick it up and start all over again. We didn't teach him this, so we think he figured it out from watching dad's softball games. 

We have lazily begun potty training. He has a little toilet that if he sits on it (yes, just sits on it) he gets a Reese's Pieces. We've had success 3 times with him peeing in the toilet. Sam and I never thought we could ever get so excited about pee. 

Has a new found love for blueberries. Ask him to say blueberry and I guarantee you it will make you smile. I have to get this on video. There is no way I could even attempt to spell out how he says blueberry. 

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