Monday, December 6, 2010

month 4 part deux

Eva had her 4 month check up today. She was given a clean bill of health. Yay! That's the first time ever. I know her health issues are so small in comparison to what other parents face with their children. I can't imagine if my kids had cancer. A new strength would have to form in me to get through something like that.

Here are her stats:

Weight: 14lbs 7.5 oz (75th%)
Height: 25" (75th%)
Head: 43cm (75th%)

We were given the go ahead to start solid foods with her. I'm so thankful for that. Sometimes I feel like all she wants to do is eat! Don't they start sleeping better too when they start solids? That would be nice. :)


heidikempston said...

Yay for healthy babies! Could she be any cuter - don't think its possible! I saw her watermelon outfit on Sunday at church - adorable. :)

The Process said...

What a cutie! We go in for Ivy's four month check-up on Friday and I'm hoping for the green light on solids too . . . the girl pretends to chew when we eat. And I am hoping for a full night's sleep too :)

Glad you have a healthy beautiful girl on your hands :)