Thursday, June 17, 2010

I do it!

"No, I do it!" Does that phrase sound familiar to anyone else who knows a two year old? From taking the lid off the drink to buckling himself in the carseat, he wants to do it all. I will say the positive about Søren wanting to do everything on his own is that I can't do as much these days. The simple act of picking him up to wash his hands has lead us to getting him a stool so he can do it himself. One thing he is very particular about doing himself is putting on his shoes. I must plan a few minutes in our getting out of the house routine just so he can put his shoes on. The pictures below are the only ones I have of him putting on his shoes. He doesn't wear his boots everyday, it's his "Fiderman" (Spiderman) shoes that he is CRAZY about. If you've run into Søren in the last month, then you know he likes to show you how they light up!

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The Jorgenson's said...

Cute Soren pictures!! We joined the blogging world! I want to add you to my blog somehow... You looked so cute this morning in church! And I know your uncomfortable but looking at you makes me excited to be pregnant again!!