Sunday, June 6, 2010

34 weeks

Not the greatest photo, but so many have been asking how my pregnancy has been/is going. Here is a little re-cap.

I am currently 34 weeks and could not be more ready for this pregnancy to be over. Looking at the big picture and hearing other people's horror stories of pregnancy, mine has been a breeze. Compared to my pregnancy with Søren, it hasn't been such smooth sailing. Things were going fairly well until about 19 weeks when I started having Braxton Hicks contractions. A lot of them. When I was up to 30+ a day I finally decided to call my doctor. A Fetal fibronectin test was done which can determine pre-term labor. The test was negative, thankfully. I was told to go on the planned vacation with my family and to take it easy. Do doctors know there is no such thing as "taking it easy" with a 2 year old running around? The vacation was good for me and my contractions calmed down. Weeks later they started up again and I was back at the doctor having another FF test done. This one, again negative. Once I learned what triggered the Braxton Hicks and how to keep them at bay, the real contractions started. I found myself each night before bed counting how far apart each contraction was a preparing myself to head to the hospital. Each night they settled down. At a 33 week doctor appointment I filled her in and yet another FF test was done and again negative. Thankfully. That night I was up at 2am for 2+ hours pacing the bathroom trying to ease the contractions. I don't know anymore what specifically is triggering all this, but I have learned that even just doing 2 loads of laundry is enough to wipe me out for the day. This last week has been a great week and I am starting to wonder if this is the "calm before the storm." Our goal is to make it to at least 36 weeks. As anxious as I am to meet our little girl, I am trying to enjoy every precious moment I have of a full night of sleep, time with just Søren and being a family of 3.


Sarah said...

Wow Linnea...glad to hear that things are still okay and that baby is still growing inside. I'll be praying for you these last few weeks before she arrives.

Rita and Bob Hauck said...

Linnea, I love the name of your blog.. "Life across the Bridge".... and reading all your entries, viewing all the pictures ... what a lovely "peek into your world"... Bless you. We are praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. (and for strength and patience for you as you "wait"!!!) Love you!