Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chef Soren

If you haven't heard, Søren is turning 2 on Saturday! We had a little cooking birthday party for him and his close friends this last week. Søren loves to pretend to cook. He'll make you anything you ask for and he'll always want you to take a bite. Eggs seem to be his specialty. :) It was fun (and wild) having his friends over here for dinner, cake and cookie decorating.

My sad attempt to make a cake that looks like an apron

Here are the kids with the aprons on that I made all of them.

The balloons were a HUGE hit! Sørens face lit up when they entered the room.

Heidi and Brooke helping the boys decorate cookies.

Showing off his new cooking utensils. (Now, he doesn't have to use mine. )

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Aunt Susan said...

What a great Birthday theme... love your cake and aprons!