Monday, August 24, 2009

Color Wonder

Do you ever come across a new product that works so well you just want to tell everyone about it? I do. My newest purchase that I am excited about has to be Crayola's Mess-Free Color Wonder. It comes packaged together with colorless ink markers and a special coloring book. The markers only color on the special paper! Genius!

I was at my wits end after two discoveries. 1. Søren had used a ball point pen to draw on our couch and 2. He used permanent marker to color on our exercise ball and guest room sheets and pillows. I had seen the commercials for these markers and knew this was my only solution to Søren's fixations with pens and markers. He loves the markers and loves to color in the coloring book. He walks around everywhere with the markers in hand. Some may argue that I am not solving any problem, but I at least have peace of mind knowing he can color and it is only going to mark where it's supposed to.

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