Thursday, August 13, 2009

18 Months!

He's turned the corner and he's on his way towards turning 2!

New this last month:

Potty training continues...He is getting the idea, but by the time we get him undressed and on the toilet he's already gone. We're not rushing it though. He'll get it.

Has learned how to open the pantry. He loves the "bar bar's"...Fruit Leather and Sweet n' Salties

"No" is becoming a more constant word in this vocabulary.. actually it's "Mo."

LOVES his clothes and especially his shoes. Tears have been shed over shoes being taken off.

Knows how to pick the berries from Grandma's garden.

Is fearless in the water.

He is my little helper. He helps carry the milk in from the milk box and loves to take the clothes from the dryer to the bed.

I fall more in love with this little guy each day. I never thought someone who couldn't talk could make me laugh so hard.


jillian fletcher said...

Soren is so loveable. You are a good mommy Linnea. I am inspired... but my inspiration can wait until Travis and I are done with school. Unless of course God has other plans :)

heidikempston said...

Happy 18 months Soren!

Aunt Susan said...

He looks like a very happy boy! Happy 18 months old, Soren!