Saturday, August 21, 2010

1 month

This is the 4th time I have sat down to write this post. I guess that is a picture of what life has been like lately. The moment I sit down to do anything other than caring for the family or house, I get sidetracked. As soon as one kid is done eating, the other is hungry. When one falls asleep, the other wakes up. When one diaper is changed another is filled. I only have time to write this now because Eva is sleeping, water is coming to a boil for dinner and Soren is watching a movie...Er, scratch that, movie is done and now Soren is asking for dinner.
Eva just turned a month old. Wow! Time flies by faster and faster. The first month has been a wonderful challenge. I'm trying to get Eva on somewhat of a predictable schedule, so I can better juggle her with Soren's schedule. Bed time with two cranky kids has not been fun. She has been such a great baby. I really can't complain. She loves to be held, maybe a little too much. But I know these days will quickly pass, so I am treasuring each moment we get to snuggle. She is awake more and more each day and I love the rare moments I get to see her smile. Those dimples just make me melt.
We have learned this last month how confused people are about Eva's name. Her name is Evalyn (Eh-vuh-linn) but we call her Eva (Eee-vuh). It made sense to us, so I guess we never foresaw any confusion.

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Sarah said...

What a cute little peanut! Sounds like you are managing the transition from a family for 3 to one of 4 well...have fun!