Sunday, December 13, 2009

22 months!

Two more posts and I won't be posting every month about Søren's life. Promise. That being said, I hope to make a blog scrapbook at some point. This has been a great reference and time of reflection for me.

Søren has had another explosion of language these last two weeks. He pretty much has a word for everything now, but I still feel like an interpreter most days. My new favorite word has to be "pinecone." It sounds something like "pi-koh-nuh-ha". He still says "la-bla-la-bla-la" for blueberry.

*He is really into lights. Its perfect with all of the homes decorated right now.
*He is starting to pretend play. He'll feed me cookies out of a book, cook with bowls and spatulas (he is currently making me a football sandwich.)
*He'll have little conversations as he's playing with his cars, trucks and trains.
*He kicks everything (except for people, thankfully.) 5 minutes ago I had to tell him to stop kicking the Christmas Tree. Maybe he'll be a soccer player like his mommy. :)
*He loves riding the "doo-der" (scooter) with grandpa.
*He is beginning to really show his independence. He'll tell me which clothes he wants to wear and what type of food he wants to eat.
*He has learned his shapes. Triangle, Square, Circle, Rectangle, Hexagon, Oval, Star and Heart. He'll point them all out to you. Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I have my iPhone to thank for this one. I have an ap that teaches his shapes and gives him stickers.
*He's told me he's had to pee and then actually peed in the toilet. But, I think we're still a long way off from being completely potty-trained.
*He'll ask for a baby wipe and walk around a clean anything he thinks is dirty.

I think that's all for now.

Here is a video of Søren watching the Ellen show and singing along with the Opera Singer.

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ha ha! that video is awesome!