Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boy with Manners

Isn't he just the cutest?! Now that one of Søren's teeth broke through he is back to his normal self, and then some. He has been talking so much lately. Saying things like: "more peease", "boo-boo", "whyee?", "dirty", "'scuse me", "tank ooo", "bye-bye", "love you", "yeah, yeah, yeah", "bus", "hey", "shooes". I mean, seriously, where did this burst of language come from?

He makes me laugh so hard and I know people rarely see this side of him. My father-in-law, Dan, picked him up from the nursery on Sunday and the nursery worker, Karen, asked him, "Doesn't he ever smile? He's so serious. " Dan replied, "Of course he does. Want to know what else he can do?" Karen of course wanted to know.

Dan: "Soren, can you laugh?"
Soren: "Ha Ha Ha."
Dan: "Soren, can you burp"
Soren: makes a belching sound.
Dan; "Soren, can you say excuse me?"
Soren: puts his hand over his mouth and says "'scuse me."
Karen: "Oh, honestly. Only you could have taught him that"
Dan: "You have to teach him what to do wrong in order to teach him manners."

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