Friday, May 15, 2009

Back Deck Makeover: Part One

Our back deck has needed a serious facelift. From the dog-chewed door frame to plants that were barely surviving, it needed some help. Sam and his cousin, Rob, took care of the back door a few weeks ago. With a few more finishing touches to be done, it looks a hundred times better already. I finally got a planter box, with daisies and lilies, cleaned up my strawberry pot and replanted some herbs. Even though we hardly get any sun back there, I'm holding on to hope that my plants will survive and the herbs will grow.

I found a great little bistro table, but the cushions that came with the chairs were white (see picture above of before and after). The makers of the cushions obviously do not live in rainy Washington or have a one year old! :) But with my new found love for sewing, I decided to recover the cushions. I still have two more cushions from our old furniture that needed a makeover as well. I am in the process of covering those (hence the title, part one. There will be a part two, i'm sure).

Even though I hope to finish all of this a week before we leave for a month, I can't wait to get back and spend lots of time on our back deck reading, playing with Søren, BBQing (ok, Sam will probably be doing that) and sitting by the fire pit.